Friday, June 7, 2013

Vegetarian Meals Week 3

This has been our third week of buying and cooking vegetarian.  We were just $3 dollars over our food budget!, so things are starting to even out.

Lentil Tacos
I put lentils and water in a pot and brought to boil.  Then I turned down the heat and let them simmer until the lentils were a consistency that I wanted (30min?).  I had too much water, so I dumped out some of the water.  I then added a my favorite taco seasoning (Aldi's brand) to the lentils.  This seasoning for those who care is NOT gluten free.  Essentially I let the water cook out until it was a good thick consistency.  I dressed the tacos with our favorite taco dressings. I thought the lentil tacos were just ok.  I could have just flavored pinto or black beans for the same effect.  My husband emphatically disagreed, and my 1 year old LOVED them.
Braised Coconut Spinach Chickpeas Lemon

Next time I would cut the requested amount of sun-dried tomatoes in half.  I don't know if adding the ground ginger at the end was at all necessary. If anything I think it made the recipe too bitter.  More crushed red pepper should also be added than what the recipe calls for.  If the amount of desired changed is any indication, it was not my favorite recipe, but maybe worth another go.  
Baked Polenta Pie
This recipe was incredible! It's gluten free because polenta is a grain that is corn based not flour based.  The only thing I would do differently next time is substitute the vegetables for whatever is on sale rather than following the recipe religiously.  I put A LOT of crushed red pepper in the sauce which made it AMAZING.  

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