Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Picture frames from IKEA/painting matting

Framing drawings is the biggest pain in the butt.  First of all, zero frames come in the standard 18"X24(26)" drawing paper.  I chose some cheapo frames from ikea.  I painted the wooden frames a black velvet finish.  Because the cardboard is an eye sore, I also painted the illusion of matting.  To anchor the paper onto the cardboard, I used a few drops of hot glue in the corner.  The LAST an artist wants to do is place tape on the back of a drawing.  The hot glue gun will hopefully just pop off the back of the paper when I am ready to put the drawings back in storage/portfolio, although charcoal drawings are safest within a frame.  The slightest smudge can destroy charcoal drawings.  This series of charcoal drawings do not have near the vibrancy that they had when I first completed them.

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