Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Shelf

This bookshelf has quite the history.  It was given to me by the mother of a childhood friend.  The mother's father made it and when I received it, its color was black.  I was 16, and I had a lilac, green, and yellow bedroom, so I painted it lilac.  Since getting married and moving into an apartment, I have taken my bookshelf with me.  Today I painted it back to its original color of black. 
As you can see it had a lilac paint job left over from a bedroom makeover of a 16 year old.
In addition to painting the shelving unit black, I took out all of the puts to another location and since it faces the kitchen, I filled it with cookbooks and dishware.
However, my favorite is replacing the teapot with a clear vase of shrubbery.  The spice rack needed something to off set it, and what ever was tall on the other side had to be transparent enough not to cover up my pictures.  I tramped off into the snow wearing pajama pants, a hat to cover my greasy hair, my husbands winter coat, and untied boots.  It was great fun, and I looked ridiculous. 

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