Saturday, December 19, 2009


1. The first step is to find material. Approximately two yards are needed. 
2. First cut all of the material to the appropriate width-recommended with leaving room for seems is 28" across.  The length should just be for the desired distance.  I used three prints and four layers. 

3.  After the strips are sewn together, it is time to attach the backing.  Cut the backing to the size and scale of the front.  The front of the prints should be facing each other. 

4.  Make sure that the backing is attached on all sides except for the very top.  It is like sewing a pillow.  Only sew up to the bottom of the armpit curve also known as the top of the point at which you would attach the ties.  The yellow polka-dot material signified to me when to stop sewing on the backing. 
5.  After sewing three of the four sides, it is time to trace or draw the arm curves.  Sew along the line and then cut about 1/2 an inch past the seem.

6. The ties are made at 25" long and 2.5" long before sewing.  These are made the same way one would make a pillow.  Sew three sides then pull the ties inside out/inside right.  Hem the last side and attach to the sides of the apron. 
7.  The ruffles or pleats for the bottom were suprisingly very easy.  The key is a lot of straight pins and careful measuring.  The topside flap is 1" and the bottom side flap is 2.5". 
8.  Sew the pleats with a seem 1.4" from the top.  Then attach the pleats/ruffles to the bottom of the apron. 
9. the top tie or neck tie is self explanatory/ I don't feel like explaining it. 
10. Finished product.

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  1. Wow! That turned out beautifully! I love the fabrics you chose. Very Cassie. :D But be careful, now everyone's going to be asking you to make one for them... (Not me though, I have a great apron already!)