Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Instead of going with the traditional wedding cake, I decided to opt for cupcakes. I thought it would be a cheap, simple homemade alternative to having it done professionally. Once I started researching how to lay my hands on a cupcake stand, I realized how difficult the whole project was going to be, but by then I was INVESTED.

Cupcake Stand- Is a perfect beauty even though it is currently dissembled and in my closet. This was purchased from e-bay for a whopping $110. Unfortunately, the best cupcake stands are sold in the United Kingdom. Which means even though I may find a $60 cupcake stand shipping costs $50.

Cake Mix- After my Mom and sister worked hard at a start from scratch recipe, they realized that I was not crazy and that I was in full support of using a yellow box cake from Aldi.

Raspberries- Be careful with raspberries. They bleed. We rinsed them and dried them the night before. They weren't placed on the cupcakes until right before they were taken outside for the reception.

Cupcakes- cupcakes can be frozen. All 140 cupcakes were baked and friezed by my Mom and sister a few days prior to the wedding. They were iced the night before and left on cookie sheets in room temperature over night.

Table- Clearly the table was a card table. However, the table cloth was two pieces of material leftover from the Tea Wedding Shower.

Paint- My Dad gave me some of his old paint to use. The people I bought the cupcake stand offered to paint it any desired color for $25. I did it instead two days before the wedding.

Icing- My Mom and sister iced all of the cupcakes. The also made the icing. Suzette and my mom meat with a professional cake decorator that is a friend. She taught them how to use tubes etc.

Top Cake- The cake on top was made by my sister and like the cupcakes, it was baked and friezed ahead of time.

Total Cost was approximately $150

Special Thanks to Mommy and Suzette!!!

A shout out to Lisa and Holly for taking terrific pictures

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