Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wedding Invitations

Total Cost:$150 (There were enough suppl es to make over 200 invitations & approximately 120 had to be made).
This includes the price of all supplies, supplies I didn't use (raffia), mistakes (crooked response cards & poor stamping), and ink pads that I bought from craft stores that didn't work
stamps, ink, stamp block, stationary, paper, computers, people who know how to work computers and design (Lisa), glue sticks, address labels, & a good printer

Never make your own invitations unless you are desperately poor. I have not decided if I was poor enough to have suffered during that process and the suffering that I put others through.

1. My mom, Aunt Suzette, and I went shopping for invitations. What we did find was cream plain stationary that people use for crafts. There were sizes for cards w/ their envelopes.
5.5"/4" & 6.5"/5".
2. I used the 6.5"/5" as my actual invitation. The smaller I cut in half and then used as response postcards. The 5.5"/4" were already made to fold in half, so I just carefully cut along the center using the $11.00 paper cutter that I bought for the project.

3. Finding stamps for this project was the biggest headache ever! Finally I settled on a spectacular set of flower stamps that proved to be a versatile purchase. Please note that I am not a stamp artist! As a matter of fact, I am a stamp snob. I have always been under the impression that people who stamp claim to be artistic but need stamps as a crutch. I might be changing my mind, but lets not hold our breath.

4. The paper in the invitations was a lot of work as well. I could not have done that without the help of Lisa Chu. She decided the entire layout of the inside on her Apple. She also was kind enough to print them out on her remarkably fast printer.

5. The response cards minus the stamping were also designed by Lisa, but they were printed by my computer. Although I have forgiven Lisa for her carelessness, I must remind the world to be careful when printing little 5.5"/4" cards so as not to print them crooked. I lost about a package of response cards that way. Never mind Lisa, I would have made the same mistake, and some of it was the fault of my printer

6. The stamping of the outside of the invitation and the response card was fun. However, after 100 invitations your hand does start to cramp up due to holding a large stamp block.

7. On the whole, I was pleased with the invitations. They weren't perfect, but they were a first endeavor into the world of stationary and stamps.

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