Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wedding Favors

171 Made Cost $45

Favor Supplies:

Coin Envelopes- $25 (these were extra expensive because I wanted white ones. Apparently white ones are hard to find, so I had to order them on Amazon.)
Address Labels- left over from invitations

Stamps- Part of the array of flowers that were left over from invitations

Ink-$5.50 My friend Lisa insisted that I buy expensive ink from a specialty store to ensure its quality for so many favors. I am glad I listened to her.

Seeds- $10 I bought a big box of seeds that were amongst a type of substrate mixture. This is a lot cheaper than buying individual seed packets.

Stencils- $5 Letter stencils are an investment everyone with terrible handwriting and limited computer skills should make.

The main premise of this idea was taken from This site cleverly used seed packets as place settings, but I used them as favors.

individual prices are estimations

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  1. I can't wait to plant those flowers. It was so awesome how cheap those favors turned out to be since we originally budgeted $150 for them. Love ya babe!