Monday, October 5, 2009


While this is not a wedding blog, I do believe that almost everything regarding my wedding was a major homemade project.

I had an outdoor wedding in a backyard, and the last thing I was going to do was get married under a wedding arch.  found the following pictures from a couple of blogs. Unfortunately, I didn't save the web address, so I feel like I am plagiarizing. Nevertheless, this is how I came up with my backdrop idea.

Once again I put my family to work. I went shopping with my Mom and sister for material .
The material was the most expensive purchase. However the actual structure ended up being only $10 for the cost of the PVC pipe. My Dad being as ingenious as myself used barbell plates as a foundation. I used tool to wrap around the base so this would not be noticeable.

Tool was also used to wrap around the posts. The strips of cloth were straight pinned around the pvc pipe.  Using the structure that was already in place and a part of the house worked out nicely. The white sheet like material and the yellow sheer gave a light and airy look. 

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