Monday, October 5, 2009

Wedding Decor

While this is not a wedding blog, I do believe that almost everything regarding my wedding was a major homemade project.  Here are a couple of ingenious projects that are small but made up a grand big picture.

The first is the guest book.  Mark Mclaughlin found the idea in a magazine.  I stamped the idea with my approval, and Jim & Alicia Vallarta gave the idea life. 

Another project was pictures on a string.  It was an alternative to a slide show.  My pictures aren't very clear, so keep in mind that the display didn't look nearly as taky in person.  There was a groom series, a bride series, and a series of the pictures with the bride and groom together. 

Lisa helped me with this project.  We tore my old yellow curtains into strips of three.  Then we took sage from my mom's garden and staple gunned and duck taped them to the railing

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  1. i swear, you put that scary picture of yourself as a child just to freak me out.

    i almost laughed out loud during psychopathology.