Friday, October 25, 2013

Vegan Bread: Herby Olive Tomato Kale Bread

Let it be noted. that I do not share every recipe I make.  In fact, just last night I made an entire pot of soup only to dump it in the garbage.  Yup! It was that bad.  Trying new recipes is rough.  Not all of them are winners.  The trick is to pitch a bad dish just like one should click off a bad movie.  Cut your lost and move on.

Herby Olive Tomato Kale Bread from
I'm confused because I just don't know if this recipe is worth dumping or not.
Ok per usual I didn't follow the recipe to the last detail.  However this bread was so so so so so so salty.  Way too salty.

I did use a red pesto sauce (found conveniently in my fridge) to saute the kale in rather than oil or water.  I also added a Tablespoon of the pesto to the dough to make up for not having sun dried tomatoes.  That might have been my down fall.  The required olives add a lot of salt.  But I can't help but feel like 3 Tablespoons of salt is a little excessive.

I didn't use all of the special flours listed either. I used 5 cups of regular flour w/ 1 coup of whole wheat flour. I didn't have fresh herbs, so I used dried .
I misunderstood the directions, so I over cooked them.  They're a little on the hard side.  The directions said to start at 500 degrees and then turn the oven down for 25 minutes.  I thought it was an additional 25 minute snot 25 minutes total UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I'll try this again.  Otherwise there was true potential.  My husband likes them except for the saltiness and my toddler calls them cookies (although she calls all carbohydrates cookies (poor girl).

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  1. haha awesome post. i love how you write like you talk. the post escalated in humor and ended on a high note re: your daughter.