Thursday, September 30, 2010

adventures in eating in

"So once upon a time, in San Francisco, over a seafood lunch that we never could have afforded by ourselves, my friend Cassie and I decided that we had far too long not known how to cook. That’s what some of these posts are going to be about. Once a week we’re going to meet and try to cook something new and from scratch that we’ve never tried to cook before. We’ve been doing it for two weeks and we’ve already experienced good, bad, and so-bad-we-threw-it-away-after-one-piece! But we’re learning, I think." Holly

Check out my new blog!
It is a collaborated blog with a friend of mine (Holly).  The full postings will be on , but exerpts will still be found on homemade and colorful.  The intention is to have a posting each week representing a homecooked meal by YOURS TRULY + my friend (Holly) representing a food theme of the month.

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  1. i love this excerpts idea. i am positive our collaborative blog will get picked up for a movie deal. POSITIVE.