Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ice-cream Cone Cupcakes? Really?

OLD and Current CRAZE: Cupcakes
Fads can be fun even when cliche.  I jumped on the cupcake fad three years ago when I  did a cupcake tree in place of a wedding cake. The cupcake craze originally stemmed from the sitcom Sex in the City in the scene at Magnolia  Bakery. From what used to be at the occasional children's party are now  EVERYWHERE:  TV. shows, magazines, books, blogs, google image searches, pinterest and even cupcake specific stores.  Cupcakes are a part of nearly ever category of decor including cupcake holder garland.

THE NEW FAD: Ice-cream Cones
Ice-cream cones are amazing. I'm not denying it.  They're everything you could want from taste to color.  Like everything cupcake, Ice-cream cones are also hitting party decor.


It's like we can't say goodbye to the cupcake or maybe hello to the ice-ream cone.  Maybe they're both just too wonderful not to combine.

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