Friday, January 27, 2012

Homemade Chinese Lantern Mobile/ Sculpture

A nursery in the bedroom did not work for us long term.  Baby was out in a month.  I wanted to make a fun mobile for my baby's nursery.  However mobiles are really sculptures.  I went to a party store and bought Chinese lanterns.  They were plane white with a dirty, tacky white ribbon holding them in a single horizontal row.  This bored me.  
  • I painted black stripes on the sides
  • Painted the bases and tops of the lanterns a yellow/gold
  • I removed the white ribbon from the lanterns and thus separated each one 
  • The structure held using bonsai wire.  
  • The top piece of the structure are paper plates with the center cut out 
  • The center of the plate is suspended just above the outer rim of the plate
  • There are four plates glued and stapled together for added strength
  • I hung the mobile or sculpture from a curtain rod
  • The pictures explain better than words 

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