Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New and Old Houseplants

There has been a lag in my posts due to having a baby.  Recently however, I have come into possession of several gorgeous house plants.  I am doing my best to plant them, water them, and sun them appropriately.  I've always taken a gamble in the past to adequately care for my plants.  Several new varieties in my small apartment have inspired me to get more seriously acquainted with these organic works of art.
I love the origin of houseplants.  It fascinates me to have plants in a room that can be from all over the world.
Old Plants
Three plants I have had for roughly 5-6 years.  They are as follows:

Madagascar Dragon Tree (Dracaena Marginata)
Care tips can be found on House Plant Care Tips
Origin: Madagascar
My experience with this plant is that it can survive with very little water.  I keep it in front of a north facing window that has consistent low level of light filtering in.  It has been growing the best in this location and it has never grown as much or looked as healthy.
Golden Pathos / Devil's Ivy (Epipremnum Aureum)
Care tips on Learn Gardening
Origin: Solomon Islands (East of Papua New Guinea)
Lets just say it is by far the easiest house plant I have come across and it needs little to no light for adequate survival.  My Golden Pathos has flourished no matter where I have placed it.
English Ivy (Hedera Helix)
Care tips on Guide to Houseplants
Origin: Europe
My husband bought this plant for me for our second valentines 6 years ago.  This past year I saw that it was infested with spider mites.  It is my one plant failure.  I FAIL to care for insect infestations.  I choice to take two of the healthiest branches wash away the soil and grow in a vase of water.  It's doing decently.  I do not know if it is thriving, but it is surviving.  I have concerns if it's getting enough light in its current placement.

New Plants
Crotons (Codiaeum Variegatum)
Origin: Man-made with origin from South East Asian and South East Pacific islands 
Croton Petra
Care Tips on Garden Guides
Apparently this plant needs lots of light to keep it's color.  This concerns me.  I placed this plant on a shelf in a north facing room.  The room gets consistent light due to blinds and sheer curtains.  Time will tell to see if I need a better location for my croton petra.

Croton Mammy/ Fire Croton 
Care tips on Houseplant Care Tips 

Croton Bnaana
Care tips on Houseplant Care Tips 
This is the only croton that I placed directly underneath a window.  The window is west facing, so I am expecting promising results.

Peace Lilly/ Closet Plant (Spathiphyllum)
Origin: Central and South America
Care Tips on House Plant Care Tips
This Plant is still floating in my living room.  I thinking of placing it about fifteen feet from a west facing window.  It's further away from the window than recommended, but I'm hoping the plant will do well in the location.  My plant finished flowering. I'll have to wait and see for new blooms.
Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica)
Origin: India and Malaysia
Care Tips on Guide to Houseplants
From what I've read this plant does well with humidity, so I placed it in my bathroom. My bathroom gets a lot of soft light which will hopefully be ideal

Parlor Palm/ Bella Palm  (Chamaedorea elegans)
Origin: Mexico
Care Tips on Guide to Houseplants
I am super excited about this plant because it can thrive in artificial light.  Finally a plant for my boring, dark corner in the entry room!

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