Friday, June 18, 2010

Starched Material Curtains

The first night in my apartment, I asked my husband to checkout the privacy of my privacy block windows in the shower stall.  Turns out the world has been fooled into thinking privacy block windows are private.  However, I have a solution!!!!
I cut the muslin to size and dipped it into clothing starch.  I tried to make a recommended homemade starch using corn starch, but that was not strong enough.  The window that opens was done with a green cotton.  


  1. you think it will stay up? I am wondering if the steam will make it come down. I guess you can always restarch when necessary huh? :-)

  2. it's been three weeks, and two have come down and i've enforced others without them falling all of the way. I have found liquid starch works the best. The key is to soak it without deluding the starch at all.