Monday, November 2, 2009

Christmas Decorations

As Christmas comes, I realize that my Christmas decorations consist of four ornaments.  I am resolved to make them this year.  Christmas decorations always tread a very thin line of being incredably tacky and pleasantly magical.  Here are some of the fruits of my mad googling skills and the blogs that I follow.

From Home is a paper Christmas tree that is attached to the wall.  Printouts are apparently available for free, but I'l probably just make my own anyways.

Glass ball Wreath is another fantastic idea that I saw at  Nanny Goat and there's a tutorial on this Eddie Ross.

Creating my own Christmas Village gives me warm fuzzy feelings inside.  I found one reasonable looking village from Marth Stewart.  It's not what it looks like but what it has the potential to be.  Printout templates are available.

Another idea that I came up with was spray painting pine cones with metallic paint.  It would eventually look something like this only better because the pine cones would be natural. 

This is also from Martha Stewart.  There are so many directions I could go with this. There are directions on how to make these birds on the link provided above. 

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