Friday, August 7, 2009

Tea Tables

My mother had been planning this bridal shower at least 3 years before my engagement. She said one of her three daughters would desire a tea themed shower. Due to my Mom's vast array of teacups & saucers, I obliged.

Each table had a teapot with hot tea. Later we rinsed them out and filled them with ice water which was refreshing.

The tea part actually had courses. This fruit platter on a dinner plate was with a fruit dip filled teacup was the appetizer along with scones.

This table cloth combination was actually reused at my wedding as the cake table cloth.

The centerpiece of each table was a teapot filled with a potted plant.

The lace on this table was later used to cover the gift table at my wedding.

This was one of my favorite tables. There was a little butter dish beside every place setting.

The tablecloths were put together using random pieces of scrap material. The napkins were carefully selected out of scrap material to fit the theme/color of each table.

Everyone was allowed to pick out their own teacup and saucer and take it home with them as a favor.
My mom collected all of the dishes for really cheap prices at garage sales & thrift stores, gifts, borrowing, from friends, and her own collection.

Mommy, Suzette, and others worked very hard to make this Tea Bridal Shower for myself a success, and I told my mom in her thank you note, "I couldn't have done better myself".

pictures are compliments of Lisa Chu

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